Turned Brass Barrels

Turned Brass Barrels in 1/350 Scale


These gun barrels are supplied as an additional option to replace the white metal items that come with the kits. The barrels are packaged in quantities and types directly relevant to the ship kits on sale here at this  site.

ATBAR 35001   4.7"/45  Barrels for Tribal, G,H, I, J,K,and N and Late War Emergency Class Destroyers

Price £3.95 per pack of 8  Now Available

ATBAR 35002   4"/45  Barrels for Small Destroyers and Escorts. Also Secondary Armament on Capital Ships

Price £3.20 per pack of 6  Now Available

ATBAR 35003   4.5"/45  Barrels for  Late War Emergency Class CA, CO and CH Destroyers. Also BD Mountings on Capital Ships and Carriers

Price £3.50 per pack of 4  Now Available

ATBAR 35004   4.5"  Barrels for  Mk 5 and Mk6 Gun Mountings found on Type 12, Type 41 Type 61, Type 81

Leander Class Frigates, County and Daring Class Destroyers

Price £7.20 per pack of 6   Now Available

ATBAR 35005   4.5"  Barrels for  Mk 8 Mod 0 and Mod1 Gun Turrets found on Type 21, Type 22, Type 23

Type 42 and Type 45 Destroyers

Price £3.25 per pack of 2   Now Available

ATBAR 35006   40mm Bofors Barrels for Single, Twin and Quad AA Mountings

Price £3.75 per pack of 8   Now Available

ATBAR 35007   40mm 2 Pdr Barrels in two lengths for 4 and 8 Barrelled Pom Pom Mountings

Price £6.45 per pack of 16 (8 x 8)   Now Available

ATBAR 35008  4.7"/60 Barrels for the L & M Class Destroyers MkXX Enclosed Turrets

Price £3.95 per pack of 6   Now Available