1-700 Scale

Photo-Etched Accessories 1/700 scale

ATEM 70001       Etched Metal Deck Planking Stock Sheet

This set is aimed at the modeller who wishes to either scratch build or modify a basic kit by adding planking to scale. The deck of the kit would need to be used as a template, scoring the reverse side of the main sheet of planking prior to cutting.

Also includes edging strips and curves for the areas around turrets and bow and stern.  Price £9.50 GB Pounds

ATEM 70003  Royal Navy Pattern Railings and Ladders

A generic set of stock lengths of railings found on RN ships both Pre and Post WW2. There is also a selection of inclined ladders of varying length and pattern to suit most locations on a ship. 

Price £ 3.50 GB Pounds

Temporarily Out of Stock

ATEM 70005 Royal Navy PatternWatertight Doors and Hatches

Set of RN Pattern Doors and Hatches that cover the 20th Century era of warships in service with the Royal Navy.

Includes the special type of doors found on the Type 21 Amazon class frigates.    Price £3.95  Now Available

ATEM 70007 Type 23 Frigate Detail Set 

For any one of the four 1/700 scale Trumpeter Kits

A comprehensive set of fine details including tailored to fit railings,

yardarms for both masts, safety nets for the flight deck and gun decks, parts for the Lynx helicopters and for the RHIB Sea Boats, up to date sensors and much more.

Price £7.95 GBP Plus Postage     Now Available

ATEM 70009 Type 42 Destroyer Detail Set

ATEM 70002  HMS Tiger Detail Set

A comprehensive detail set designed to fit the Matchbox / Revell kit.

It includes a lt of replacement parts as well as additional details to

help enhance the old kit. It also includes several parts to enhance the

backdating set from Shapeways, that converts the kit back to it's all gun configuration.       Price £11.15 GBP plus postage   Now Available

ATEM 70004  Pre Dreadnought Pattern Railings

This is a set of stock length railingsof the sort of pattern that would be found on ships of all nations from the pre WW1 era. The set includes standard and drooping chain link safety rails. Would be ideal for the early Combrig kits.   Price £ 3.50 GB Pounds

Now Available

ATEM 70006 Fast Minelayer HMS Ariadne Detail Set

This detail set providesa set of fine parts to fit onto the Revell/ Matchbox kit of HMS Ariadne in 1/700 scale. It also

provides some replacement parts for where the plastic kit parts are too heavy in their moulding. This set should breath some new life into an old kit.

Price £6.95   GB Pounds Plus Postage

Now Available

ATEM 70008 Type 45 Destroyer Detail Set

ATEM 70010 Invincible Class A/C Carrier Detail Set