1-350 Scale

Photo-Etched Accessories 1/350 Scale

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ATEM 35001        Ratlines for Sailing Ships

Selection of various sized ratlines to fit sailing ships of the 1/350 to 1/400 scales of kit. These ratlines may be trimmed to size and height to suit the location to which they are being fitted

Price £8.25  plus Postage Temporarily Out of Stock

ATEM 35002        Stanchions for Railings

Various individual stanchions that can be used to create near to scale guardrails on ships using the Single, 2 bar and three bar stachions and stringing them with a fine thread to suit.     

Price £ 5.95 GB Pounds  plus Postage

Now Available

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ATEM 35003    Italian Style Battleship and Cruiser Railings

Selection of various types of railings with the types of stanchion spacing found on the Italian Battleships and Cruisers.

Price £ 11.65 GB Pounds  plus Postage

Now Available

ATEM 35004        Pre Dreadnought Style Railings

A selection of railings designed to suit the ships of the pre dreadnought era. Contains standard wire and chain link rails

Suitable for the Combrig kits.

Price £11.25 plus Postage

Now Available

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A collection of Yardarms for Type 21 Type 22 and Type 23 Frigates

and Type 42 Destroyers along with those for a Castle Class Patrol

Craft.  Type 1022 qnd 965 AKE-2 Air Warning Radar Antennas.

Safety Nets for Flight Decks and Gun Decks and ESM Sensors.

Price 9.75 GB Pounds plus Postage Now Available  

ATEM 35005        Royan Navy Yadarms and Antennas Set 1

ATEM 35006        HMS Illustrious Detail Set.

This is a massive set of photo etched detail, designed especially to go

onto the Airfix kit of HMS Illustrious and detail her as she appeared after the 2005 refit. There are parts included such as the mast and funnel yardarms that are not present in the Airfix kit, also replacement catwalk decking to enhance what is already in the kit.

Price £40.45 GB Pounds plus Postage Temporarily Out of Stock

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ATEM 35007   HMS Illustrious Airwing Detail Set

This set provides the small details required to finish the aircraft that are supplied within the single sprue in the Airfix HMS Illustrious kit.

There are also extra parts included to make further detail items for the flight deck scenes, such as ladders, trolleys and servicing equipment.

Price £ 9.45 plus Postage  Now Available

ATEM 35008        HMS Daring Type 45 Destroyer Detail Set

For the 1/350 scale Airfix and Trumpeter Kits

Includes tailored to fit railings, yardarm replacements, fittings for both Lynx and Merlin helicopters, Sea Boat details, Flight Deck and Gun Deck Safety Nets, Access Panels for the missile silo and much more.

Price £ 19.85 GB Pounds pus Postage Now Available

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ATEM 35009        Type 23 Frigate Detail Set

For any one of the four 1/350 scale Trumpeter Kits

A comprehensive set of fine details including tailored to fit railings,

yardarms for both masts, safety nets for the flight deck and gun decks, parts for the Merlin and Lynx helicopters and for the RHIB Sea Boats, up to date sensors and much more.

Price £19.25 GBP Plus Postage  Now Available

ATEM 35010        Royal Navy Pattern Railings and Ladders

Including Modern Style Offset Railings and Hand Rails and a selection of inclined ladders for various locations.

Price £11.70 plus Postage

Temporarily Out of Stock

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ATEM 35011  Modern Royal Navy Pattern Watertight Doors

A selection of open and closed watertight doors found to be in use

in the Royal Navy on most post WW2 ships. Also includes special

types of doors fitted to Type 21 Frigates and Type 45 Destroyers.

Price £4.95 GB Pounds plus Postage

Now Available

ATEM 35012  Modern Royal Navy Anti Aircraft Weapons Set1

A fret of extra parts for those who wish to add to their kits or for those who are scratchbuilding. Includes 20mm Oerlikons and Gambo mountings, GPMG and Miniguns plus extra Sea Cat Missiles.

Price £4.70 GBP plus postage    Now Available