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built as commissions or just for my own collection.

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HMS Rodney Scratch built in 1/600 scale as a commission for a local collector.

HMS Hood 1932 This is the Airfix kit in 1/600 scale built with the White Ensign Models photo-etched detail set. She is currently in my own collection.

HMS Dragon in 1/350 scale. This is the White Ensign Models kit of the Type 45 Destroyer built as HMS Dragon and presented to the real ship,where it currently has it's home.

HMS Argonaut Scratch Built in 1/600 scale for a local collector.

HMS Lancaster in 1/350 scale. This is the White Ensign Models kit of the Type 23 Frigate. Built for a collector in Lancashire.

RMS Queen Mary in 1/570 scale.  Built from the Revell kit for a gentleman in Hartlepool.

HMS Vanguard in 1/450 scale. Built from the Hasegawa kit using the Atlantic Models

photo-etch detail set, for a customer who used to serve on the actual ship back in

the 1950's.

HMS Exeter 1/600 Scale Type 42 Destroyer

This kit was produced as an experiment for White Ensign Models but never got produced more the first production run. Hopefully this kit will be made available soon and if enough interest follows there will be more kits done in this scale.

HMS Devonshire 1/350 Scale County Class Destroyer

This model was built using the Atlantic Models HMS Glamorgan kit as a basis to work from. The conversion work was quite involved but possible, and using the alternative parts provided in the photo etched set and some extra boats and a gun turret, the job was finished without too much of a problem.

Westland Sea King HAR3 in 1/72 scale.  Built from the Revell kit and commissioned as a retirement gift for a member of the North Yorkshire Mountain Rescue Team.

HMS Ark Royal IV in 1/350 Scale

This was my first real scratch built ship model completed in July 1995. It is the reason I went into designing photo etched parts, the radar antennas being the first things that I managed to produce.