The decals offered here are of the usual modellers waterslide transfer type. To apply to your model, cut out the individual decal allowing a clear area around the carrier film. Dip into luke warm water, contained in a shallow dish or saucer, until the decal detaches from the backing paper. 

Pick up the decal whilst still held on the backing paper and position near the point to which it is to be applied. Gently brush the decal from the backing paper onto the surface of the model using an artists brush, and move into position using more water if required.

Once the decal has been established into the required position, soak up any excess water with a dry brush and then press the decal down onto the surface using a brush or dry cloth. Decal fixing solvents such as micro sol, or micro set may be used sparingly with these decals to set them into place.

All Decals are printed in the UK by :

ATDec 01      MT Shell Welder  Decals.     Reproduced from the original format suppied in the FROG kit but with extras.   

Price £ 2.00 plus postage    Now Available

ATDec 02   WW2  British Destroyers and Escorts 1/350 Scale     Provides the Flag Superior Letters and Pennant Numbers for all classes of Destroyers and Escort Vessels in Royal Navy and Commonwealth Service during World War 2.   This A5 sized sheet contains letters and numerals in four colours, (Black and White and Light and Dark Grey) There are sufficient of each numerals to be able to place a double numbered pennant on each side of the ships hull(eg. H177 or F112) plus smaller sets for the stern numbers.    The light and dark grey letters and numerals can be cut to shape and laid onto a light and dark camoflage pattern as required to give the two tone effect seen on several wartime era ships.

Price £6.50  Now Available. 

ATDec 04  Royal Navy Leander Class Frigates in 1/350 Scale     Provides pennant numbers for all the ships of the class as well as the Flight Deck Code letters, Stern Quarter name plates, Flight Deck Markings, Draught Markings, Helicopter markings for Wasp helicopters including the ships flights codex numbers in white letters and numerals.      Price  £4.75 plus postage     Out of Stock

ATDec 08  Royal Navy Type 41 Cat Class Frigates in 1/350 Scale     Provides pennant numbers for HMSs Leopard, Lynx, Puma and Jaguar,  as well as the , Stern Quarter name plates, Draught Markings and Bridge Window Panels.      Price  £3.75 plus postage     Available Now

ATDec 12  Royal Navy Deck Warning Circles and Placards 1/350 Scale.    Provides Red, Yellow and Black/ Yellow Dashed warning circles for

the application to decks around trainable weapons mountings and directors.  There are also several types of warning placards that were found on the sides of various mountings and HF antennas.       Price £3.75  GBP  Plus Postage    Now Available

ATDec 13  Royal Navy Pennant Numbers and Deck Markings in 1/600 scale.  Provides the Modern style Pennant Numbers, Flight Deck Markings and Warning circles in Red and Yellow for the Airfix 1/600 scale range of ship kits, including HMS Amazon, HMS Leander, HMS Daring

HMS Devonshire, HMS Tiger and HMS Fearless.           Price £3.50 GBP  plus postage     Now Available

ATDec 14  Royal Navy Type 23 (Duke Class) Frigates in 1/350 Scale.  Designed for application on the Trumpeter kits, giving the option of building any one of the original 16 ships of the class to enter service in the Royal Navy.  Includes the Pennant Numbers for the ships sides and stern.  Flight Deck Markings and Ident Letters. Stern Quarter Names in Red except one. HMS Monmouth's name and crown are in black. Funnel Badges for all the ships and the usual Jack and Ensigns.               Price £5.75  plus postage        Now Available

ATDec 17  Royal Navy Small Coastal Craft Pennant Numbers 1/350 Scale     

These small numerals and letters are specifically designed  for the MTBs and Patrol Craft that are available in the Narrow Seas Range  although many more uses will naturally

be found for them as well on other subjects.      Price £3.95   Now Available

ATDec 18 Royal Navy Helicopters 1/350 Scale       This set is designed to provide the finishing touches to the helicopters that are available in the Air Arm Range.   These decals

provide the national roundels in various formats and sizes, Royal Navy Logos and the aircraft codex numerals in white and black according to aircraft type.  Also some squadron emblems to finish the effect.       Will also  be an extra help when modelling the Airfix HMS Illustrious kit.       Price £6.15    Now Available

ATDec 19 Stripelines      This set is designed to provide different widths of black lines starting at 0.5mm and increasing in 0.5mm increments up to 3mm to address the difficulty with the application of bridge windows on modern warships and some merchant ships. These lines can be cut to the correct size and applied as individual windows or cut into strips and applied in lengths needing only the vertical bars to be applied with a fine paint brush.  

The addition of the draught markings in 1/350 and 1/600-700  are of a type of plain numeral found on most post WW2 warships and merchant ships. These will allow modellers to accurately portray these markings by cutting the lengths provided to fit numerically with black above the waterline boot topping and white below. 

Price £5.95 plus postage   Now available.