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Website Updated 1st October 2023

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ATK 35015           HMS Andromeda  (Sea Wolf Leander 1982)

HMS Andromeda was one of five of the Leander Class Frigates that were converted to be armed with the Sea Wolf missile system as a stop gap measure until the Type 22 Frigates came into service in sufficient numbers. This was the last and most potent version of the class, designed to provide a close escort to the fleets capital ships and close in air defense.

The kit includes resin and white metal parts, photo etched details and decals so that any of the five ships of the class can be modelled.

Can be built as a full hulled or waterline model.

Price £119.50 Plus Postage    Now Available

Updates to the Air Arm section of the accessories adding new items.

The Accessories Section has been re organised so that the growing number of Aircraft available are now in their own

Air Arm Range.  This includes the 1/350 and 1/600 scale Aircraft and shows the upcoming releases as well as the currently available stock items.  The drop down menu has the Airm Arm link inside the Accessories link so you can get straight to the product images.

Links to Other Related Websites

White Ensign Models is now back up and running again under the new ownership of Mr Richard Harden, of Tom's Modelworks in the USA. Richard has got most of the original WEM Photo-Etch product available and I am working with him to bring out new detail sets to add to the range.    Click the Link above to go to the new store.

Our good friend Mike McCabe from Fine Waterline

has started a new venture with a webstore, selling

mainstream and specialised ship modelling accessories,

which is including his own photo-etched sets. He is

also expanding his retail range of kits and supplies from

other manufacturers. Go to Starling Models through the

Link above.

Click the Link above to go to the Atlantic Models Facebook site. This gives all the latest news and updates on upcoming products. The are also galleries to look at and customers can give input as well.

If you need to finish your models in the correct authentic colours, click on the Link above and go to Sovereign Hobbies. The original White Ensign Models Colourcoats paint ranges have been re-established under the supervision of Jamie Duff. Go pay him a visit online. He also stocks a range of WEM photo-etched detail sets.

Master Model make fine accessories such as turned brass gun barrels, masts and spars, and aircraft parts, in most scales and are now supplying Atlantic Models with specific turned brass parts for the ship kits on sale here.

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