Coastal Forces Craft

Please note that this page is awaiting additions to the content, which is depending on how long it takes to sort out the kit parts and box them up into complete kits. I am working on this but it is a slow process. There are some kits already boxed up that were surplus WEM stock and these can be made available to those who want them. Please feel free to e.mail me with enquiries as to the availability of any of the kits listed below and I will work out the price of those that are..

ATNS 3501 Vosper MTB 532

Formerly WEM NS001

Available Now £8.50

ATNS 3502 Vosper MTB 379

Formerly WEM NS003

Temporarily Out of Stock £8.50

ATNS 3503 Vosper MTB 57

ATNS 3504 Britsh Power Boat Co MGB 75

ATNS 3505 Fairmile D MTB 624

Formerly WEM NS015

Temporarily Out of Stock £12.50

ATNS 3506 Fairmile D MTB 794

Formerly WEM NS016

Temporarily Out of Stock £12.50

ATNS 3507 Fairmile D MGB 660

ATNS 3508 Fairmile D LRRC 017

ATNS 3509 Elco PT-34

Formerly WEM NS008

Temporarily Out of Stock £10.50


ATNS 3510 Elco PT-109

ATNS 3511 'Nasty' Class PTF

Formerly WEM NS021

Available Now £9.95

ATNS 3512 S-10 WW2 S-Boat

ATNS 3513 S-80 WW2 S-Boat

Formerly WEM NS018

Temporarily Out of Stock £11.00

ATNS 3514 Kriegsmarine Flak Lighter

Temporarily Out of Stock £16.50

To be released at a later date