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The What's New Page

This page is to show the images and description of the latest Atlantic Models projects, be they kits, photo-etched or resin accessories.

Now Available

Just Added to the newly refitted Accessories Section is ATAC 35012 4.5" Mk8 Mod1 ' Kryton' Turret. Price is £4.25 Plus Postage

Now Available

ATK 35008 HMS Zulu (Type 81 Tribal Class Frigate) is back in stock at last. The price remains the same as before at £110.50 plus postage


ATK 35011 HMS Arrow (Type 21 Frigate) is back in stock. The price is as before at £123.95 plus postage.

Now Available

This week has seen ATK 35062 HMS Janus come back into stock. The price remains the same as before at £81.95 plus postage.


ATK 35013 HMS Consort has just been released. This model kit of the Post WW2 Co Class Destroyer is in it's 1950s Interim Anti Submarine Upgrade fit. The Price is £96.90 plus postage. More Details in the Cold War Range Section.



Special Offer

Due to this kit not being very popular, ATK 35065 HMS Gorleston and ATK 35066 USCG Itasca are going to be withdrawn from the range. All stock of these are therefore on offer at the low price of £55.00 GBP plus postage. To Clear.