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This page is to show the images and description of the latest Atlantic Models projects, be they kits, photo-etched or resin accessories.


ATK 35012 HMS NEWCASTLE Type 42 Destroyer 1/350 Scale

Resin and Metal kit with photo etched brass detail parts. The kit includes decals for all the Batch 1 and 2 Type 42s and can be modelled either full hulled or waterline. Price £142.00 GBP Plus Postage

Now Available

ATDec 12 Royal Navy Deck Warning Circles and Placards 1/350 Scale. Provides Red, Yellow and Black/ Yellow Dashed warning circles for the application to decks around trainable weapons mountings and directors. There are also several types of warning placards that were found on the sides of various mountings and HF antennas. Price £3.50 Plus Postage Now Available


Detail set for the Airfix 1/600 scale HMS Amazon kit. Includes Tailored to fit railings, Yardarms, Flight Deck

Safety Nets, Hangar and Helicopter fittings, Boat Davits

Mast Details, Air Intake Box Assemblies, Catwalks, Walkways and Platforms not included in the kit.

£9.50 Plus Postage