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This page is to show the images and description of the latest Atlantic Models projects, be they kits, photo-etched or resin accessories.

Now Available

Following last weeks delivery of kits from the casters, I can now say with relief that ATK 35004 HMS Glamorgan is available again.


ATK 35006 HMS Cleopatra and ATK 35009 HMS Leander are now back to being available after a short wait for a delivery of the photo etched parts.


The samples for HMS Grey Goose have been received from the casters and hopefully these kits will soon be available at £29.95 ea.


Coming Soon

ATEM 60012 HMS Fearless/ HMS Intrepid 1/600 Scale

A photo etched detail set for the Airfix HMS Fearless kit that includes Yardarms, Tailored to fit Railings, Boat and Landing Craft Davits, Crane jibs, Additional Deck Houses, Details for the Wessex Helicopters and the LCU's and more.

Price £11.95 plus postage Available Soon

Coming Soon

ATEM 50008 HMS Royal Sovereign & R Class Battleships 1/500 Scale

Photo Etched Detail Set for the FROG/Novo/ Eastern Express etc. HMS Royal Sovereign kit. The are extras included so that the kit can be made into otherships of the class such as HMS Resolution, to which the kit parts lend themselves to. There are tailored to fit railings and splinter shields for the gun decks, The lattice work of the crane, and the catapult fitted on X Turret. Main mast restructure with the platforms and housings to suit. AA Weapon selection of 4 Barreled and 8 Barreled Pom Poms plus 20 mm Oerlikons. Radar Antennas, Boat Fittings and much more.

Price with £17.95 plus postage Pre Orders are welcome.