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This page is to show the images and description of the latest Atlantic Models projects, be they kits, photo-etched or resin accessories.

Latest News

Due to increases in prices of raw materials used by both the kit and the photo etch manufacturers, who have been absorbing several small increases over a period of a few years now, meaning that they have at last no altrnative but to increase the costs of manufacturing the kit parts and the photo etched details from the 1st of January 2019.

Unfortunately I will have to increase the prices of the kits and photo etch from the above date, but only as new stock arrives at the new prices from the manufacturer. The prices on the remaining kits and etch will remain the same as long as stocks last.

Now Available

ATNS 35014 Flak Lighter in 1/350 Scale is now in stock and ready for shipping. Price £17.95 GBP plus Postage

Further info in the Narrow Seas Section

Now Available

ATNS 35010 DKM Schnellboote S10 Series is now in stock and ready to ship. Price is £14.50 GBP plus Postage

More details in the Narrow Seas Section

Special Offer

Due to this kit not being very popular, ATK 35065 HMS Gorleston and ATK 35066 USCG Itasca are going to be withdrawn from the range. All stock of these are therefore on offer at the low price of £55.00 GBP plus postage. To Clear.