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This page is to show the images and description of the latest Atlantic Models projects, be they kits, photo-etched or resin accessories.

The kits from the Cold War Range

ATK 35010 HMS Hurworth MCMV


ATK 35012 HMS Newcastle Type 42 Destroyer

are now available again

Now Available

ATDec 13 Royal Navy Pennant Numbers and Deck Markings in 1/600 scale.

Provides the Modern style Pennant Numbers, Flight Deck Markings and Warning circles in Red and Yellow for the Airfix 1/600 scale range of ship kits, including HMS Amazon, HMS Leander, HMS Daring HMS Devonshire, HMS Tiger and HMS Fearless.

Price £3.25 plus postage Available Soon

Now Available

ATEM 60011 Narvik Class Destroyer 1/600 Scale

This detail set is designed to fit the Airfix Narvik kit and replace such items as the

radar antennas, moulded mine rail track, boat cranes and AA guns, as well as provide additional detail in the form of tailored to fit railings, mast details, doors, ladders, boat fittind etc.

Price £8.95 plus postage

Now Available

ATEMisc 08 Universal Railings and Nets 1/200 Scale

This set provides some fine gauge railings to replace those found in some 1/200 scale ship kits from the main stream manufacturers. Includes standard and off set 3 bar railings, standard 2 bar railings, single railings and handrails for bulwarks and combings. Also includes the shell case catch nets for the gun deck railings.

Price £14.50 plus postage